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Clicker Heroes Ruby Hack Generator

Clicker Heroes, one of many RPG game that featured tap- tap game to attack the enemies! This game comes from steam and PC browser that will give many features that you didn’t meet in the steam versions. Begin your journey and slay them to collect your loot and explore the cute yet funny world in an epic graphics! And introducing Clans and Immortals!

Form clans with other players and lead clan-based boss raids against a new type of enemy: the fearsome Immortals! Unlock any hidden place, up to 1000 zones you can explore and defeat new enemies in each dungeons! Upgrade your hero and equip them with the best weaponry. This game now featured a multiplayer battle that you can tap your enemies and brag them out!

“Version : 12/25 (Updated 4 Days Ago)”


While you walk through your journey of tapping those evil enemies, don’t forget to tap and collect all of the resources you met in the game. Never let anything left behind since you need those resources to upgrade your hero to kill your enemy faster! Later you will really need of premium resources that not everybody own those stuff called Rubies!

Rubies can do almost anything in the game such as upgrade almost everything and buy the premium stuff that cant buy with common currency. Get those rubies from finishing he quests and collect it every day. You can get it free from daily login or you can buy from the store with your credit card or real money!

Calm down heroes! We know that wasting your money for mobile game is not the most important things to do in your life! We know that not everybody has Credit card to buy those Rubies! We want to introduce our latest CLICKER HEROES RUBY HACK GENERATOR for free! You can get this generator and many bonuses such as :

  • Infinite Ruby Everyday!
  • Unlock secret items that hasn’t provided in store!


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