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Game Title : Sword of Chaos

Developer : Allstar Games

Sword of Chaos Diamonds Hack Generator

We are back with yet another action game, Sword of Chaos. This game is developed by Allstar Games, for both iOS and Android market. Tagged as ‘The Sexiest Action RPG On Your Mobile,’ you can easily see why after playing the game. Especially the female characters which features a low cut top, overexposing their breasts which keep bouncing up and down constantly.

Some will not mind them, though, although I believe this will feel rather disturbing for those not for over-sexualization of females. In Sword of Chaos, all available characters are divided into for classes: swordmaster, sharpshooter, blood hunter, and enchantress. Each of them features a fairly detailed backstory although it doesn’t necessarily affect the in-game experience.

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Swordmaster character is a female who specialize in close range combat; she features a quite precise control and power which feature angelic look. Sharpshooter is a male with a rather futuristic armor who use guns; but although he is named as a sharpshooter, he lacks precision, but the sheer number of shots he could fire make up for his weakness. Enchantress character is a female which specializes in longer range attack which could deal damage; her movement is rather slow and not suitable for close range combat since her skills are limited. Blood hunter, unlike other three characters which are all humans, is a wolf with a pretty much all around skill which specializes in a close range combat. Swords of Chaos features various main and daily quest in which you can get rewards by completing it.

In combat, you can use either normal attack or skill attack. Skill attacks require magic, and they have cooldown timer before you can use them again. You can only bring four skill attacks into one battle at a time. You can use stamina to dodge enemy attacks. There are diamonds as its premium currency which you can use to replenish stamina or cut cooldown timer in between skill attacks usage. Diamonds are available through in-app purchases. But you don’t need to spend any and just use our FREE SWORD OF CHAOS DIAMONDS HACK GENERATOR instead.
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