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Gather your most favorite heroes like Gandalf, Bilbo, Legolas, and much more to engage an epic battle to defeat the evil hordes! Meet many players around the world to create the strongest force and build your Elf or the Dwarf Kingdom to rule the Earth!

Raid the goblin hordes and secure your kingdom from the attack from those green forces. You can select the race that you want to play like Elf or Dwarf as you Join Gandalf, Bilbo and Thorin later to conquer the realm.

You can also coordinate with another player and link your Kingdom to their so you can make a strong garrison and secure your area. The strategy is a must!

Prepare everything you need to fight any waves of enemies that will attack and reclaim your kingdom. Collect a handful of resources and build your kingdom with all of those you found.

“Version : 44 / 639 (Updated 3 Days Ago)”


To go through the top rank of leaderboards, you need to hone your skills and power to defeat your enemy. Gather all of the useful resource and don’t let your enemy take it from you. If you want to gain your strength faster, save up your special currency known as Mithtril.

You can save most of your time to train your army, build up your megastructure, and buy many skills.  Since Mithtril were so useful, you can’t spam your Mithtril and waste it carelessly.

Have no fear my Lord! We presented you our very special The Hobbit Kingdom Mithril Hack Generator ! Our team has specially developed the latest generator to their max potential and its 100% working! You can check our generator, grab it fast and get your powers:

  • Infinite Mithtril
  • Max Spells
  • Max Skill Points
  • Unlock secret dark troop


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