Eternal Arena Diamonds Hack Online

Eternal Arena Diamonds Hack Online

Game Title : Eternal Arena Diamonds

Developer : NetEase Games

Eternal Arena Diamonds Hack Generator

Yo, folks. We are back with mobile Role Playing Game Eternal Arena. This game is developed by Hong Kong-based NetEase Games, and it is available for both iOS and Android platform.
Eternal Arena is a hybrid of mobile Multiplayer Online Battle Arena and RPG. Although from the first impression, NetEase seems to be focusing more on its single player campaign mode compared to the PvP mode. In its single player campaign mode, there are like hundreds of stages that you can complete.

However, unlike many mobile RPG, each stage offer not only different environments and enemies to beat but also a different mechanism to play. Some stages offer you a usual RPG gameplay where you wander in a large map while beating enemies; other stages feature an MOBA-styled gameplay, and there are also stages which features survival mode in which you will have to escape from large numbers of enemies. Storyline aspect in this game doesn’t stand out, but with many modes for each stage and its elements of surprise, it still can get quite interesting.

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You can bring up to three heroes and switch freely in each battle. Other than that, this game also features many different modes such as Goblin Hunt, Monster Hunt, Rune War, Challenge, Trials, and so on. Completing each of them will give you many rewards like experience, gold, and many valuable items.

There are also many different kinds of characters that you can get, which divided into for classes such as Warrior, Mage, Tank, and Support. Usually, you will get them around one to three stars, and you can level them up to five stars. You can also strengthen them, even more, using various equipment, which is also upgradable up to five stars using gold.

The only thing that bothers every Eternal Arena is its apparent pay to win aspect. Those who got plenty of diamonds, the premium currency, will most likely triumph in every battle, especially the PvP battle. Diamonds can be used for various purposes such as summoning more characters (summoning ten characters at a time will guarantee you a minimum three stars characters), acquiring various equipment, buying in-game gold to upgrade equipment, and so on.

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Eternal Arena Video Preview :

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