East Legend Gems Hack Tool Generator (Works 100%)

East Legend Gems Hack Tool Generator

Yo, folks. Now we have a mobile Role Playing Game called East Legend. This game is developed by Com2uS, which has developed many cool games like Wonder Tactics, Soul Seeker, and Summoners War. This game is available for both iOS and Android market.
East Legend is a mobile game which requires you to spend and invest heavily in your battle units. You will need to level up your units and increase their base stats to progress even further in the story. Each unit you’re using are attributed to certain skills, be it active skills or passive skills. You also need to sacrifice your lower level units to increase your main unit you’ve chosen. Slightly different from many mobile RPG in which you mostly need to earn skill points to level up your characters. Each of your units also attributed to certain elements, in which each of their elements corresponds with each other, be it stronger or weaker against. Other than sacrificing your lower level units, you can also add certain equipment and gears that can be found randomly in the dungeons – which some of them are pretty rare and hard to get.

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You can also increase the level of equipment and gears up to like level 10. East Legend battle system itself features two modes in which you can choose to either fight against the computer controlled enemy of Player versus Player battle. In battle, you can freely control your units, also use certain skills Рwhich will get your units in invulnerable condition. You can also switch between characters in your units in the battle so can adjust to the situations and max out your odds in winning the battle.  There is also the premium currency used in East Legend, which is gems.

Gems can be earned through a daily login or completing certain quests, but can also be bought via in-app purchases using real money. Gems can be used to buy in-game other currency like golds that can be used for leveling up units or even use it directly to level up.You can also summon rare units using gems. But you don’t need to worry about spending your cash because you can use our FREE EAST LEGEND GEMS HACK GENERATOR.
Using our generator, you can easily get tons of gems that can be used for various purposes to improve your East Legend gaming experience. You can use it every day, and it’s all free.

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