Compass Point: West Infinite Diamonds Hack Generator Free

Compass Point: West Infinite Diamonds Hack Generator

Game Title : Compass Point: West

Developer : Next Games Oy

Compass Point: West Diamonds Hack Generator

Compass Point: West, which is developed by Finland-based Next Games Oy, is a mobile strategy game available for both iOS and Android platform. For those who in favor with games like Clash of Clans or Hearthstone, they would surely enjoy this game.

Since you can say that Compass Point: West is a combination of the two games – with its usual RPG gameplay mechanism and collectible card game. At the start of the game, you are given a small plot of land that you need to develop further and protect from various threats at any cost.

The first acquisition is a saloon, and it is useful since using all those booze you sell, you can in exchange get protection from those armed fellas or Tin Men which specialize in melee combats and so on. You will then build your circle of fighters to take over enemies lands. And here is what makes Compass Point: West different from other mobile RPG.

You don’t train your fighters in mass quantities. Instead, you will get your fighters via drawing from a pack of cards. And you can’t deploy them to the battle at once, not until you have enough battle points which is gained by wreaking havoc.

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Being a free app, there is also the premium currency used in the game which is diamonds. Diamonds can be used for various purposes, mostly for speeding up building time and drawing characters from cards. Diamonds are rare, and this game doesn’t give you that much. You can get them by spending real money via in-app purchases. But you don’t need to do that because you can use our FREE COMPASS POINT: WEST DIAMONDS HACK GENERATOR. Just follow these simple steps below:

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Compass Point: West Video Preview :

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